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How to Describe an Excellent Teacher

Throughout the ages, teachers have been known to play dynamic roles in the lives of great men and women. The power of an excellent teacher is unparallel. An attempt to describe it in a single article would indeed be nearly impossible. All the same, having been a teacher myself for over three decades, I’ll venture to make a feeble attempt. Who can be described as an excellent teacher?

Although basically a teacher is someone who teaches or imparts knowledge, an excellent teacher is one who goes beyond the realms of a knowledge-provider; in fact, an excellent teacher goes above and beyond the call of duty. Teachers, who can best be described as “the sculptors of the human mind” also, have the honor and privilege to work with human souls.

Here are some pointers to describe an excellent teacher:

* Commitment

An excellent teacher is one who is deeply committed to her profession. She is well aware of her tremendous influence on her pupils and spares no efforts to develop not only the intellect, but also the character and life skills of her pupils. Her reward lies in the knowledge that her work is impressionable having a far-fetching reach that go beyond the realms of simply “imparting knowledge.” The teacher's commitment to the students in particular is tireless; however, it cannot be identified as it remains deeply etched on young minds and its effect is all-pervasive. online mba programs

* Example

An excellent teacher being acutely conscious of her power over her students, is eager to set a good example to her students. She makes careful preparation before taking the class. She is always caring and respectful to all under her wings and makes sure that she is ever ready to tap the hidden potential of each child in a fair and conscientious manner. She makes a determined effort to not only set good examples verbally, but more importantly graphically- by practicing before preaching.

* Interest

An excellent teacher makes it a point to create a lesson which holds a child’s interest. She makes her lessons meaningful with the use of variety of methods and teaching aids. She finds creative ways to nourish the mind, foster individuality and develop each of her pupil’s personality- instead of solely concentrating on mental exercise and agility. This brand of education which allows flexibility and banishes boredom makes the lesson a fun-time, effective learning experience for the child. education system of india

* Dedication

An excellent teacher is dedicated to her profession; she works with passion and zeal; yields fantastic results; is proud to sow love for learning and leaves an indelible mark on her pupils. She endeavors to keep up with the changing times and adapts easily to her students needs. She is the epitome of efficiency and strives to maintain a balance in her approach to teaching. School-life being the child’s first exposure in the society, an excellent teacher remains sensitive to every child’s emotional needs and patterns of growth.

* Opportunities

An excellent teacher provides plenty of opportunities to each of her pupils and helps them to make good use of their talents and develop skills. She motivates, inspires and appreciates her pupil’s efforts and initiatives and fosters a sense of responsibility in the growing child. She encourages her students to participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports, debates, and dramatics and in inter-school competitions-these serve as excellent training grounds for developing leadership skills in the students. india education

* Conclusion

An excellent teacher expects no rewards; her reward purely lies in the task well done. She is eager to see children develop into mature, intelligent adults and good citizens; herein lays her reward. She knows that encouraging students to use their rightful privileges develops character as efficiently as teaching them to fulfill their obligations.

An excellent teacher urges students to strive for patriotism and incorporates the lessons of brotherhood-devoid of communal or social barriers. She ensures that these ideals are put into practice right there in the classroom, playground and the school while simultaneously expanding children's horizons and inspiring in them deeds of sacrifice and service. No wonder teaching has long been considered to be one of the noblest of all professions. After all, isn't it true that the children of today will be the citizens of tomorrow?

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