Monday, December 20, 2010

Secret Eating Habits Of Skinny Girls

Zoe eats a piece of cake before every meal, only exercises 15-20 minutes a day, and drinks a cup of hot chocolate before bed every night, she’s 29 and has weighed 110lbs for the last decade. “So how does she do it?” When you ask a skinny girl how she maintains her size they will never give you a straight answer. Why? Because it’s not a diet or exercise routine they’ve recently started, it is a lifestyle choice.

Here are the top 10 secret eating habits that all skinny girls know:

1. Desserts are a part of life.

Yes, it is a God given right of every female alive to have chocolate. If you eat your dessert before your meal you will eat less of other things and consume less calories than if you ate a full plate and a dessert. ayurveda in india

2.Feed it to the cat.

Regardless of what your mother once said it is not required to clean your plate at every meal to be healthy. Though veggies are good for you if you are full it is alright to stop eating and fill Fluffy’s bowl with the leftovers.

3.Mom was right.

OK, mom was spot on with this one, eat your veggies. Did you ever notice that the people who always eat salad before a meal always have leftovers, too. So eat a salad and eat those veggies and fruits on your plate with every meal first.

4.Size does matter.

Portion size that is. If your eating at home you can just follow the serving size, but eating out you learn to ‘eyeball it.’ For instance a serving of meat should be the size of the palm of your hand. Dried fruit or nuts should be about the size of a Golf ball or large egg. Ice cream about the size of a tennis ball. A serving of cheese is about six dice. A good idea is to keep abreast of the USDA’s MyPyramid Food Guidance System. massage therapy training

5.Like Subway said, “Eat Fresh!”

When choosing what to eat, it’s always better to go with fresh rather than fried or sugared version.

When it comes to meat look for grilled or broiled rather than fried. When it comes to juice always choose 100% juice over juice cocktail. Veggies and fruit are always better fresh. Does that mean no fast food? Of course they eat fast food , but they know their limits, trying to keep it down to twice per month or stick to the healthier choices available.

6. Get Moving.

No matter what they plan to eat that day every skinny girls plans to exercise one hour,(30 minutes in the morning and 30 at night), and even though they don’t accomplish that much they take every opportunity available to move around. Like parking farther back from the store rather than waiting for the closest space. Or playing music while doing chores to “let your body groove to the music.” It’s an active way of life that becomes habitual: walk, dance, move!

7. Cereal rocks.

Eating breakfast is a necessity of everyday. And even if they don’t sit for a rousing meal they all eat it. A breakfast bar on busy days and a bowl of Crunch Berries on the weekend. Ayurveda Massage

8.Pig out time comes everyday.

Lunch time is your calorie time! That’s right, you can eat whatever you want at lunch. Why? Because you burn the most calories after that meal. Dinner time eating smaller is ideal because you sleep on those calories.

9.Love the water weight.

Skinny girls drink water. Yes, they drink other things like tea and coffee, but always in addition to H2O. There’s always a water bottle somewhere to meet those 8-10 glass requirements a day. They crave water, not cola! That’s because carbonated drinks cause you to hold an extra 3-5llbs a week every time you drink one, (that’s the bad water weight). Skinny starts by drinking less sweet drinks, and replacing them with water. Juice is good too, but not too much.

10. They’re heavy drinkers.

The signal for hunger that the brain sends is so similar to the signal for thirst, that people often eat when they are just thirsty. But being in the habit of drinking a glass of water causes less unnecessary eating and burns more fat. Thus speeding up the metabolism.

This is a self-motivated lifestyle choice, to be healthy and stay skinny is a privilege not a right. Every skinny girl you meet may not tell you how she stays thin, but just like Zoe, she knows that if it’s worth having it’s worth working for. The secret of skinny girls, they move, hydrate, eat salad, and love chocolate, now that’s living. But, don’t forget it’s secret.

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